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New program to empower healthier, happier women in work

19 May 2022

The Intime Collective Director, Louise Gilbert, Tanaz Byramji of Tanaz Coaching and Consulting and Allan Gatenby of ACPi Australia have joined forces to launch an innovative new program – The World of Work.

They each bring to the program a wealth of experience supporting women in returning to work, navigating a change in career direction, building optimal relationships and taking charge of their future.

The World of Work is designed to equip women with information and practical skills to re-enter, change or re-build their careers.

“Career breaks, or gaps, can occur for a wide range of reasons – health challenges, lifestyle choices, redundancies, or parenting or caring responsibilities,” Louise said.

“The World of Work Program offers women an opportunity to re-engage with the world of work regardless of the type of career break they’ve experienced. They’ll explore new career pathways, build their skills, shape their future roles and design careers that work.

“The ultimate goal of the program is to support women to feel happier, healthier, and more engaged in their work.”

The program will be delivered through workshops, activities, coaching, and potential placement and work experience opportunities.

“We’re offering women who have had a career break of any length of time, for any reason, a unique program that’s been carefully designed to support women returning to work, so that they can identify the right career path for them, and have the tools to succeed on that path,” Tanaz said.

Allan said the program is about more than employability – it’s also about entrepreneurship and enterprise, and ultimately, designing a life and career for greater happiness.”

“The program takes participants through the steps of discovering who they are and what is going to make them happy, designing their life and career based around that, and then determining the practical ways to make it a reality.

The World of Work received funding through Round 3 of the Australian Government’s National Careers Institute Partnership Grants.

The program will launch later this year.