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Renowned platform Howspace to deliver World of Work learning

21 Jul 2022

World of Work has partnered with global learning platform Howspace to deliver its innovative new career program for women returning to work or changing careers.

Tanaz Byramji, of Tanaz Coaching and Consulting, Louise Gilbert, Founder of The Intime Collective, and Allan Gatenby of ACPi Australia, have joined forced to launch the World of Work.

It is the first program of its kind in Australia – it’s not just a course, workshop or coaching session. It’s a blend of interactive, practical learning experiences that will inform and educate participants.

Louise said World of Work’s new partnership with Howspace was an exciting milestone as the World of Work Program gets ready to launch in coming months.

“What drew us to Howspace over other learning platforms was the experience it could provide for our participants,” she said.

“It’s not just static content like e-learn modules that people click through and receive an information dump. We’ve all experienced that and it’s not always the best approach.

“It’s engaging and has a social learning component. So learners can discuss and connect with other people. And using the built in AI, we can get insights around sentiment and what’s most important to our participants and iterate based on that.”

Allan said World of Work had chosen Howspace as its digital platform because It would provide the most engaging and collaborative learning experiences for participants.

“The World of Work about more than employability – it’s also about entrepreneurship and enterprise, and ultimately, designing a life and career for greater happiness. So we felt it was crucial to partner with a learning platform that would support these goals,” Allan said.

Tanaz said, importantly, Howspace aligns with World of Work’s values.

“We’re offering women who have had a career break of any length of time, for any reason, a unique program that’s been carefully designed to support women returning to work, so that they can identify the right career path for them, and have the tools to succeed on that path,” Tanaz said.

“We’re committed to supporting women returning to work in a practical, relevant manner. The World of Word program brings together an innovative self-discovery tool, career coaching, dynamic workshops and more. The immersive Howspace platform will ensure we give participants support that’s relevant and high impact.”

Plus, Howspace is an intuitive learning platform, which means participants can jump in right away and engage, no training required. 

“The mission of Howspace is to make a significant impact on people’s lives,” Howspace CEO Ilkka Mäkitalo said.

“We are enabling new ways of working, inclusive organisation cultures and transformative societal structures and practices. We cannot make the impact alone. We love to work with our fantastic partners like World of Work.”

The World of Work has been funded through a grant from the Federal Government’s $10 million investment into projects that focus on increasing career opportunities and pathways for women.

Register your interest before it launches later this year.

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