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Register now: design a career that works for you

26 Oct 2022

Registrations are now open for the World of Work – an innovative new program designed to support women looking to return to work or change careers.

It is an initiative of Tanaz Byramji of Tanaz Coaching and Consulting, Louise Gilbert, the Founder of The Intime Collective, and Allan Gatenby of ACPi Australia – expert career practitioners and program facilitators who have collectively worked with hundreds of women.

“The World of Work is an opportunity for participants to explore both what lights them up – their strengths, interests and passions – and what they want to do career-wise. It’s about finding that ‘sweet spot’ for a fulfilling career,” Louise said.

“It’s more than just a course or webinar – participants will leave the program equipped with practical tools and a plan of action to succeed.”

The program is delivered via an innovative online platform, Howspace, with interactive workshops, learning activities, career coaching, and online resources. It offers a unique blend of: 

  • career planning
  • job search and application advice
  • employer and training showcases
  • confidence building
  • developing practical tools such as resumes and cover letters

Every woman has different experiences and needs, so the program is customised to each participant with the support of career coaches.

The World of Work also partners with employers that can offer real career opportunities.

“There are so many courses, workshops and coaching services out there already – and we saw a need to bring it all together into an end-to-end program for women who might be feeling unsure where to even begin,” Tanaz said.

“The World of Work helps women to assess their skills and experience and design a career plan that works for them, right through to exploring training opportunities and connecting with potential employers. 

“Whether you’ve taken a break to raise children, care for a family member, or you’re looking to change careers entirely, the World of Work is for you.”

The World of Work will initially support 500 women with funding from the Australian Government’s National Careers Institute Partnership Grants.

“The World of Work about more than employability – it’s also about entrepreneurship and enterprise, and ultimately, designing a life and career for greater happiness,” Allan said.

“Participants discover who they are and what is going to make them happy, design their life and career, and then determine the practical ways to make it a reality.”

Thanks to the Australian Government funding, participants pay just a $19 registration fee. 

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs page.

Places are limited so sign up now!